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In this excerpt from “Standing on the Sun,” Meyer and Kirby first show us why and how “capitalism is subject to change” and then ask us to consider a capitalism in which components such as competition and financial gain are no longer the core or…

For less than $20, you can grab a print of that essay. I’m considering ordering a copy… as I’m quite eager to discover where a simple but audacious ‘shift in perspective’ has led the co-authors.

Brutal seizures are always feared, and then fought in order to delay their unavoidable happening. Even for issues occuring at personal and/or nonsignificant levels, people tend to slightly distort existing models to make them match what they perceive in reality.

But, sometimes, you have to go far beyond, and start from scratch again. So, let alarm beacons light through our often glued static way of thinking. We’ll get a chance to evolve.